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This Land Was Promised for Housing. Instead It’s Going to a Pro Soccer Team Owned by a Billionaire

This article’s contributor is Mike Dumke. When thousands of families were forced to move out of the ABLA Homes public housing complex two decades ago, Chicago and federal leaders promised they would be able to come back to new housing and a revitalized community on the city’s Near West Side. Most of the residential buildingsContinue reading “This Land Was Promised for Housing. Instead It’s Going to a Pro Soccer Team Owned by a Billionaire”

Market Decline Terminology

There is a lot of talk about the current 2022 stock market decline. In the following, I give some basic terminology to avoid confusing things: Great Resignation 2021-2022 Not to be confused with the Great Recession. The resignation rate in the United States plummeted in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching a nadirContinue reading “Market Decline Terminology”

The Tax Scam That Won’t Die

This article’s contributor is Peter Elkind. For the past six years, government officials have tried ever harder to kill a type of tax avoidance scheme that the Internal Revenue Service has branded “abusive” and among “the worst of the worst tax scams.” The IRS has pursued tens of thousands of audits and warned of heftyContinue reading “The Tax Scam That Won’t Die”

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