Why America has a debt ceiling: 5 questions answered

The sky’s not always the limit. AP Photo/Susan Walsh Steven Pressman, Monmouth University Another big fight is brewing over the U.S. debt ceiling, which is a statutory limit on how much the government can borrow to pay its bills. In an interview, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans won’t agree to lift the debtContinue reading “Why America has a debt ceiling: 5 questions answered”

New Series on Bitcoin and the Blockchain

We have started a series of blog posts about the bitcoin, the blockchain, and other topics related to cryptocurrencies. These articles were published on the news network “The Conversation” between 2014 and 2021 and are republished here under TheConversation’s free Creative Commons licence. We rate these articles as highly informative and republish them for educationalContinue reading “New Series on Bitcoin and the Blockchain”

Exploring the nascent future of Bitcoin (VIDEO)

The uses for Bitcoin are in their infancy and show signs of the “terrible twos” syndrome. Image sourced from http://www.shutterstock.com David Glance, The University of Western Australia In terms of a life-cycle of technology, it is easy to see Bitcoin as being at the same developmental stage as babies going through the “terrible twos”. AllContinue reading “Exploring the nascent future of Bitcoin (VIDEO)”

What are stablecoins? A blockchain expert explains

Stablecoins promise more stability than other cryptocurrencies. DenBoma/iStock via Getty Images Stephen McKeon, University of Oregon Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency linked to an asset like the U.S. dollar that doesn’t change much in value. The majority of the dozens of stablecoins that currently exist use the dollar as their benchmark asset, but manyContinue reading “What are stablecoins? A blockchain expert explains”

10 Major Characteristics of Good & Outstanding Writers

It takes good and outstanding writers an appreciable or great amount of effort to create really awesome content which is interesting to read, but might have actually been difficult to write. Good and outstanding writers are made; they are not created. This post discusses ten major characteristics of good and outstanding writers.

Who owns the beach? It depends on state law and tide lines

If you want to stroll the shoreline, know your rights. Normanack/Flickr, CC BY Thomas Ankersen, University of Florida As Americans flock to beaches this summer, their toes are sinking into some of the most hotly contested real estate in the United States. It wasn’t always this way. Through the mid-20th century, when the U.S. populationContinue reading “Who owns the beach? It depends on state law and tide lines”

Artificial Intelligence🤖

We all must have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence” in our life at some point. But what exactly it is? Artificial Intelligence is the study and creation of machines that exhibits some form of intelligence: system that can learn new concepts and tasks, system that can reason and draw useful conclusions about the world aroundContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence🤖”

They Didn’t Let Their Past Determine Their Future—You Too can Succeed

Although you don’t have the mind of Joseph, Edison, Lincoln, Einstein, Goddard, or Burgess, you have the faith and ability to achieve incredible success in the future. Success is the result of always having belief and taking action; each person will always have an opportunity to do what it would take to succeed in theContinue reading “They Didn’t Let Their Past Determine Their Future—You Too can Succeed”

Major Reasons Why Some People Fail at Rental Property Investing

Originally posted on Motivation & Environment:
Some people who venture into rental property investing have so much hope to succeed in the future; they even acquire a rental portfolio that is good enough to take make them succeed. However, they end up failing at rental property investing after losing most or all of their investments/properties…