How to Create a Multilingual Website with WordPress

Published 27.03.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd. As described in my blog post Why I picked, I first created websites with different business ideas and different languages with multiple WordPress accounts. After that, I tried to Create an Internet Archive with a self-hosted website on my own server: Finally, I reconsidered staying with andContinue reading “How to Create a Multilingual Website with WordPress”

How To Take Screenshots Effectively

Published 01.04.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd. On my latest job, I was told to make screenshots with the Windows Snipping Tool. Then I should open the image in GIMP because it was free software from the internet. After that, I should crop the screenshot and save it as png file for internet use. I thoughtContinue reading “How To Take Screenshots Effectively”

Bessere Wirkstoffe gegen das Dengue-Virus

Von Robert Emmerich 6-7 minutes Genau wie Ebola kann auch das Dengue-Fieber tödlich sein. Diese Krankheit wird ebenfalls durch ein Virus verursacht, gegen das es bislang kein Mittel und keine Impfung gibt. Forscher aus Mainz und Würzburg stellen jetzt potenzielle neue Wirkstoffe vor. Bei der Suche nach Medikamenten gegen das Dengue-Virus konzentriert sich die WissenschaftContinue reading “Bessere Wirkstoffe gegen das Dengue-Virus”

Each Person’s Success Story is Actually the Success Story of Joint Effort from Various People

Originally posted on Motivation & Environment:
In most instances during the life of anyone who has achieved extraordinary success, the person encountered a helper, mentor, or guide who invested in their abilities and helped them achieve the extraordinary success they achieved. In some cases, a single person was encountered; in other cases, many people were…

How keyword optimization made my article attract the highest number of views & rank almost 1.0 on Google—6 screenshots & a practical example

Originally posted on Motivation & Environment:
It is widely believed that gaining experience (or trying out things) is the best way to learn and become more certain or confident in many areas of life. My experience in testing and applying keyword search optimization on a few articles has been paying off—but I know this is…

Didi Taihuttu verkauft alles und investiert das Geld in Bitcoin

39-Jähriger hat sein Haus und Auto verkauft, um in Bitcoin zu investieren — jetzt wartet er auf den Krypto-Boom Herwin Thole Didi Taihuttu verkauft alles und investiert das Geld in Bitcoin. Didi Taihuttu glaubt an Bitcoin. Und das vollumfänglich: Für den Mann aus Limburg (Niederlande) steht in den kommenden Jahren alles auf dem Spiel.  Er hat sein HausContinue reading “Didi Taihuttu verkauft alles und investiert das Geld in Bitcoin”

Why You Must Get Out of the System; The Fed’s Master Plan – Lynette Zang

Originally posted on Avid Investor: Lynette Zang: Why You Must Get Out of the System; The Fed’s Master Plan by Stansberry Research The Federal Reserve has been unable to hit their 2% inflation target, but Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, contends that the central bank is getting prepared because they expect…

How to Nest Pages in WordPress

Published 25.03.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd. In WordPress, there are two ways of publishing information: blog posts and pages. Pages are meant to stay as they are and where they are, while blog posts continuously move in a flow of new blog posts. To learn more about how to build an internet archive, read myContinue reading “How to Nest Pages in WordPress”

Ray Dalio erklärt den großen Schuldenzyklus

Ray Dalio Starinvestor: „Wir sind am Ende des Schuldenzyklus – danach kommt der Zusammenbruch“ FOCUS-Online-Autor Christoph Sackmann Dienstag, 18.01.2022, 11:06 Wir stecken in der vorletzten Phase eines großen Schuldenzyklus, sagt der US-Starinvestor Ray Dalio in seinem neuen Buch. Um den Zusammenbruch des gegenwärtigen Geldsystems zu verhindern, wären unpopuläre Maßnahmen erforderlich – zu denen Deutschland bereitContinue reading “Ray Dalio erklärt den großen Schuldenzyklus”