Success isn’t Only about Making Money; it’s about having Enough Dedication to Turn Dreams into Reality

Motivation & Environment

Success is achieved whenever any dream, goal, or aim is realized. Success isn’t only about becoming a millionaire—or becoming rich—it’s about setting any goal and achieving it.

It’s quite unfortunate that our modern world tends to believe that the key to success is by having a mind that’s fixed on money-making: it tends to believe that money should be the outcome of success or any successful venture.

If you ever achieve a goal on the road to success, don’t expect to see yourself in a heap of cash: in the process of achieving a goal, a lot of money might not necessarily be created, but there will be satisfaction which weighs much more than money in many areas of life!

Be dedicated to your passion; although your dedication might not be relevant now, its product may become a legacy in the future

In this age, success is often associated with…

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