Healthy Social Media Habits and How to Implement Them


April 16, 2021

The invention of social media and the subsequent rise in popularity has opened endless social reach opportunities. Distant relatives can remain in contact regardless of their whereabouts, friends can share posts and photos to reconnect, businesses can promote their products or services, and entertainment is accessible for users across the globe.

One unintended ‘side-effect’ of social media popularity is the impact of use on mental health.

The majority of frequent users are young and impressionable. The often warped portrayal of reality can have a detrimental impact on perception and self-worth. Spending excessive time on social media can also distract users from the present. This may influence overwhelming feelings of guilt and anxiety.

It is important to implement healthy social media habits in order to maintain stable mental health and wellbeing. Healthy social media habits will look different for everybody. What works for you now may not also work for you in the future.

Social Media Free Time

Time away from social media can look differently for everybody.

If your job includes social media use, you might assign a couple of hours in the morning or evening to wind down and relax. Some people like to have ‘social media free days’ during the weekend and holidays to spend time with the family.

Take a look at your schedule and figure out where you can take a break.

Usage Limits and Notifications

iPhones have a feature called ‘Screen Time’ which allows you to look at the number of minutes spent using each application throughout the day, week, and month.

Usage limits can be set to constrain the amount of time spent on each application. This can be a great way to control your social media usage if you’re finding it difficult to distract yourself.

Turning notifications off can also reduce the amount of time spent engaging during social media free time.

Clear Out ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’

Most people have had a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for a number of years by 2021. Over this time, an accumulation of ‘Friends; and ‘Follows’ who may not be beneficial to your mental health is likely.

Go on an unfollowing spree and remove any elements of your social media feed that do not make you feel happy, confident, or motivated. Social media use should not encourage feelings of jealousy or insecurity so remove any posts that do.

Think Before Sharing

It is important to maintain a positive and motivational atmosphere on social media platforms. Whilst engaging with controversial topics that you care about is important, be careful that the things you say are not malicious or hurtful.

Prospective employers may read the content posted on your social media platforms before hiring you, so it is important that the image reflected is uplifting and positive.

Feelings of anger and sadness may be better expressed to family and friends directly.

Read this post for mindfulness book suggestions that may provide a much needed break from social media! Try to find new and productive ways to fill your spare time.

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