How to Create an External Follow Button

External Follow Button

While there are several ways visitors to your site can follow your blog, you also have the ability to create a Follow Blog button that can be added to external websites. This button will allow people who click on it to receive e-mail notifications whenever you publish a new post on your site.

If you’re looking to add it to an external website that supports JavaScript embeds, then you’ll start by visiting our Follow Button Generator.

creation page

In the Generator, you will need to enter the URL of the WordPress blog for which you’d like to create the button. Next, choose whether you’d like to show your current follower count next to the button, and whether you’d like to show your blog’s name in the button text. Also, choose the default language for the button.

This is how the button looks, with and without your follower count:

Once you complete the form, click the Generate button to get the embed code. Copy all the text from the code box, and paste anywhere that supports JavaScript embeds to add the Follow button!

Learn more

Embed a Follow Button for Your Blog (The Blog, Oct 30, 2013)

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Follow Button Creation

DocumentationFollow Button Creation

The follow button is a small button that you can add to any site, that will allow users to easily follow the specified or Jetpack enabled blog.

Note: In order to generate the code for your Jetpack enabled blog, you must have the JSON API module activated on it.

Use the options below to generate the code for your Follow Button. You can use the generated code snippet to embed the Follow button anywhere you’d like to on the web.

To use this generator, click here.

Source: loaded 12.04.2021

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