Negative impact of materialism on spirituality: how to increase spiritual stature & store treasures in heaven

Motivation & Environment

There are many people—probably a large number—who wouldn’t like the sight of this article’s title because of their presumption that spirituality goes hand in hand with “lack of material possessions”. Well, such a presumption is off the cards, and is wrong—as much as I know.

After birth, and immediately human beings become conscious, they also start figuring out ways to survive; they show these urges by acquiring needs, physical properties, or what we may call “material or earthly possessions”.

But as world history and experiences have shown, when acquisition of material possessions is unguided and unchecked, it leads to negative consequences on the material world, and loss of spirituality in the invisible world—loss of treasures in the next world, or heaven.

Materialism (which we will discuss very soon) can actually prevent us from laying up/storing our treasures in heaven—especially if we don’t put our spiritual and material priorities right.


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