Four Steps to Generate and Preserve Wealth

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Bill Bonner  | Mar 20, 2021  | Bill Bonner’s Diary | 8 min read

Emma’s Note:Emma Walsh here, managing editor of theDiary.This weekend’s guest edition comes from Bill’s longtime friend – and legendary speculator – Doug Casey. Doug practically wrote the book on wealth-building and keeping your money safe from corrupt governments. Below, he breaks down four key strategies to do just that…

Even if you are already wealthy, some thought on this topic is worthwhile. What would you do if some act of God or of government, a catastrophic lawsuit, or a really serious misjudgment took you back to square one? One thing about a real depression is that everybody loses. As Richard Russell quipped, the winners are those who lose the least.

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As far as I’m concerned, the Greater Depression is looming, not just another cyclical downturn. You may find…

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