51 Legendary Headline Templates That Always Work

You are stuck.

Your text is not getting anywhere and your inner critic won’t let you continue writing.

You don’t like your words. You feel that it is not the real thing.

You are looking for something original. You are looking for the unique idea that no one before you has ever had.

I’ll tell you the sad truth: you don’t need that idea. Many copywriters, bloggers, and authors are stuck wanting to be original.

But originality is overrated.

Imagine this: You write the most original post of your life. Unfortunately, it’s so original that no one understands it. The world just isn’t ready for your art.

No one clicks. No one comments. Traffic resembles a ruler lying on the ground.

You’re annoyed why no one likes your lyrics. You throw the keyboard against the wall, tweet “Good bye, world” and stop writing forever.

I’m not here to discourage you; on the contrary, I’m here to encourage you!
There is a simple solution

It’s so simple that most people don’t want to admit it.
The solution is called: write it off.

Yes, you read that right. Copy off.

Just copy from the pros. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you don’t have to rack your brain when there are already things out there that have been proven to work.

Forget originality and stick to what works.

There are headlines that just always work. Especially on the internet.

I’ve now taken the trouble to pick out the 51 best headlines for you.

The great thing about the headlines: They are also an idea for a whole article.

So now you get 51 timeless article ideas and 51 effective headlines from the pros that go down like a charm.

Let’s get started.

Category 1: Lists

  1. [number] tools that will simplify/improve your [activity] life.
    Example: 33 tools that will simplify your blogging life
  2. [number] amazing alternatives to [website/tool/movie/game].
    Example: 7 amazing alternatives to Whatsapp
  3. [number] admirable people from whom you can learn [activity].
    Example: 5 admirable people you can learn perfect hair styling from
  4. the [number] worst mistakes in [activity] – and how to avoid them
    Example: The 11 worst mistakes when applying for a job – and how to avoid them.
  5. [number] reasons why your plan to become [desired position] does not work out
    Example: 9 reasons why your plan to become a professional footballer doesn’t work out.
  6. things i love – and why you will love them too
    Example: 33 things I love – and why you’ll love them too
  7. questions you should ask yourself before you start [activity].
    Example: 5 questions you should ask yourself before you start blogging.
  8. [number] things most people don’t know about [product/person].
    Example: 21 things most people don’t know about the iPhone
  9. the [number] best blogs/movies/podcasts/quotes about [activity] – and why they’re worth reading/listening/watching to
    Example: the 10 best blogs about writing – and why they’re worth reading.
  10. [Number] reasons why I [stopped/started] [activity] – and why you should follow suit.
    Example: 3 reasons why I stopped studying – and why you should follow my example.
  11. [Number] things [successful/beautiful/creative] people do [every morning/day/week].
    Example: 15 things creative designers do every morning
  12. the [number] best decisions I have ever made
    Example: the 7 best decisions I’ve ever made
  13. [number] decisions I regret today – and how to avoid them
    Example: 5 decisions I regret today – and how you avoid them
  14. [number] habits that make you a better [job/position/sport/hobby].
    Example: 3 habits that will make you a better boss
  15. [Number] things that [activity/hobby] taught me about the [other activity/occupation].
    Example: 5 things being a father has taught me about being a professional
  16. interview with [important/interesting person]: [number] things I have learned
    Example: Interview with Steve Jobs: 11 things I learned.
  17. the most important reason why no one is interested in your [product/article/blog/message].
    Example: the most important reason why no one is interested in your blog
  18. my year as a [job] – what went wrong, what I learned, and what I’ll do in the future
    Example: my year as a freelancer – what went wrong, what I learned, and what I’ll do in the future
  19. the manifesto of a [profession/position/group of people].
    Example: The manifesto of a designer
  20. the [number] unfair advantages of a [group of people/profession/person].
    Example: The 10 unfair advantages of a blonde woman

Category 2: Instructions

  1. How to produce a [product] in [number] steps – with zero euros and zero idea
    Example: How to produce a podcast in 7 steps – with zero money and zero idea.
  2. How to start [activity] quickly and easily – even if you are not ready yet
    Example: How to start an online business quickly and easily – even if you’re not ready yet.
  3. In [number] steps to [status/profession/position] – the ultimate guide.
    Example: In 21 steps to becoming a professional blogger – The ultimate guide.
  4. How to honestly make money with [activity/product] – without embarrassing your mom
    Example: How to honestly make money on the internet – without embarrassing your mom

25. How to confidently have a conversation with [colleagues/customers/bosses] about [sensitive topic e.g. money].
Example: How to confidently have a conversation with your coach about a gifted grant

  1. How you spend less time on [time wasters e.g. email, Facebook, YouTube, TV] and instead spend more on [fulfilling activity such as sports, writing, painting, dancing]
    Example: How to spend less time on email and instead really do something for your business
  2. How a [product] is created – an unsparing look behind the scenes
    Example: How a newspaper is created – A ruthless look behind the scenes
  3. the ultimate checklist for [activity].
    Example: The ultimate checklist for summer vacation
  4. How to get a handle on [seemingly unsolvable problem].
    Example: How to get a handle on email overload
  5. A minimalistic guide to [activity/product/hobby].
    Example: A minimalist guide to happiness
  6. [Number] tricks to make [position/result] in record time.
    Example: 7 tricks to write a blog post in record time
  7. How to [guide/result] in 5 minutes.
    Example: How to wow your wife in 5 minutes
  8. 101 [activity] tricks: a cheat list for [group of people].
    Example: 101 productivity tricks: a cheat list for busy people.
    Category 3: Motivation and Inspiration

34. Why you shouldn’t listen to [person of trust/friends].
Example: Why you shouldn’t listen to a college professor

35.You are not the problem, [activity/group of people/product] is.
Example: You are not the problem, your friends are

36. The world is waiting for you to start [activity] – I’ve got your back.
Example: The world is waiting for you to finally start singing – I’ve got your back.

37. [number] things I do when I have no more strength/motivation/ideas
Example: 3 things I do when I have no more motivation

38. [activity] bores you? – Here are [number] alternatives to it
Example: Soccer bores you? – Here are 5 alternatives

  1. how to do [nasty/annoying activity] and still be happy
    Example: How to study for your exams and still stay happy.

40. Why you shouldn’t worry about [nasty people/haters/problems] but [fulfilling activity].
Example: Why you shouldn’t care about your work colleagues, but about being self-employed

  1. [Number] inspirational quotes about [your target audience’s activity] that you should start every Monday with.
    11 inspirational quotes about dancing that you should start with every Monday
  2. you can’t manage anymore? [Number] ways to simplify your [activity].
    Example: you can’t get by? 13 ways to simplify your tax return
  3. get rid of [annoying activity] once and for all
    Example: Get rid of cheap pick-up lines once and for all. 44.

44. How to put an end to [problem/blockage].
Example: How to put an end to writer’s block

Category 4: Fear and despair

  1. How safe is your [valuable object] from [damaging event]?
    Example: How safe is your blog from a hacker attack?
  2. [Number] signs that you have [typical error/problem].
    Example: 7 signs that you have the wrong job.
  3. attention: [warning]
    Example: Caution: Use these 11 expressions with the utmost caution.
  4. the shocking truth about [person/product/company].
    Example: The shocking truth about Fifa
  5. how [trusted person] messes with your [sensitive object]: [number] ways to protect yourself
    Example: How doctors mess with your data: 5 ways to protect yourself
  6. [Number] lies that [group of people] tell over and over again.
    Example: 13 lies car salesmen tell over and over again

51. [number] things your [trusted person] will never tell you.
Example: 7 things your accountant will never tell you.
So, what do you say?

Do you have some ideas now?

If your brain isn’t bursting with ideas right now, then I don’t know. Then I’ll throw the keyboard against the wall.

These headlines are your anchor in trouble, your secret weapon against writer’s block, and a cure for boring headlines.

Write great. Stay great.

Source: https://www.chimpify.de/marketing/51-ueberschrift-vorlagen loaded 13.03.2021. Translated from the German original with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator

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