38 Free Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog & Continuously Increase its Traffic

Blog directories are web depositories for blog articles/posts that are categorized into niches and contain links to other blogs. Blog directories are also vast databases that contain a list of articles or websites assembled in different categories and subcategories which are searchable.

A lot of blog directories (free and paid) exist on the Internet and many of them are free blog directories. Meaning, you don’t need to pay to use them. The more you add posts to the numerous free blog directories that exist, the more you increase your chances of getting higher traffic than usual.

This post contains links to 38 free blog directories where you can add your articles and blog pages to create more backlinks to your site and increase the chances for your Google page rank to rise higher and expose your site to more traffic.

Many blog directories or blog submission sites are top directories and allow site owners and bloggers to promote their blogs free on the internet without paying a dime. Generally, blog directory sites allow blogs submission, articles submission, and blog URL (uniform resource locators) submission. 

Using paid directory submission sites has an added advantage over free blog directories because they provide faster and a larger number of backlinks. Out of thousands of the directories in existence, many free and paid blog directories don’t ask visitors to sign up or register for URL or link submission. Others may only ask you for a reciprocal link. 

The importance of making submissions in blog directories

The importance or benefits of submitting your blog and posts in free blog directories or submission sites are as follows:

  • It can help you acquire free backlinks for/to your site or blog. The number of backlinks is still one of the main factors that search engines like Google consider when ranking a site/blog: backlinks can increase a blog’s ranking on search engines
  • It can increase traffic to your site as a result of any rise in your blog’s ranking on Google Search results pages.
  • Increasing traffic to your blog would increase your blog’s exposure on the Internet and to entirely new audiences.

Some important tips for blog submission

It‘s not just enough to sign up with many blog directories and start submitting blog URLs or articles. It’s important to know what you’re doing and what each blog directory expects you to do.

For instance, one important thing that most submissions fail to include is the main or appropriate keyword(s) needed. To optimize your chances, you need to know and apply the main or appropriate keywords that are the basis for creating content for the pages for your blog.

In addition, it’s also important to know well in advance (before submission) the type of categories or niches under each blog submission site, and whether there would be an appropriate category or niche for any submission(s) you wish to make.

What you submit matters far more than the mere act of submitting: when making any submission, put yourself in a reader’s shoes and imagine how disgusted you would feel if you stumble across a site’s page or content that has absolutely NO relationship with your search term or main keyword(s)!

Therefore, before you make any submission, go to the “About Us” and “FAQ” sections of the directory and find out the rules you’re expected to comply with. Thereafter, create authoritative posts with titles that have the potential to easily attract audiences.

Ensure that your blog or site is fully functioning and has a number of published posts—say, between 10 and 20—before you submit your content on any blog directory. Furthermore, before submitting, ensure that your content is clear, understandable, and valuable enough to be considered “worth reading”.

It is important to create a good description of your blog and make use of properly searched and popular keywords if you wish to increase your blog’s exposure on a directory,  

List of 38 blog directories or submission sites

The following is the list of 38 blog directories/submission sites where you can make submissions for free—at no cost:

  1. Ezinearticles.com
  2. Amazines.com
  3. Articlebiz.com
  4. Tumblr.com
  5. Expertscolumn.com
  6. Path.com
  7. LinkedIn.com
  8. Articlesfactory.com
  9. Articlecube.com
  10. Selfgrowth.com
  11. WorldWeb-Directory.com/
  12. Blogarama.com
  13. USAListingDirectory.com/
  14. MarketingInternetDirectory.com/
  15. Blogflux.com
  16. Dizila.com/
  17. Bloggingfusion.com
  18. Cipinet.com/
  19. BlogEngage.com
  20. SoMuch.com/
  21. BloggingFusion.com/
  22. Blogs-Collection.com/
  23. OnTopList.com/
  24. BlogVille.us/
  25. EntireWeb.com/
  26. BlogTopSites.com/
  27. Blastingnews.com
  28. DoSplash.com/
  29. BlogLovin.com/
  30. EllysDirectory.com/
  31. RapideNetwork.eu/
  32. 9Sites.net/
  33. Blog-Search.com/
  34. GainWeb.org/
  35. Twoggle.com/
  36. Sites-Plus.com/
  37. InformationCrawler.com/
  38. PegasusDirectory.com/

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