Interview with Marc Friedrich in Sachwert Magazin

Sachwert Magazin held an interview with Marc about his latest book, “The Greatest Opportunity of All Times”. Read from just a little bit further and unfold the insightful discussion between Sachwert Magazin and Marc Friedrich who is a German non-fiction author (economics and finance), an expert on Focus Online (German language site for Focus magazine news), and a speaker at Handelsblatt (German-language business newspaper).

Sachwert Magazin: “Mr. Friedrich, your new book is called “The Greatest Opportunity of All Times.” The fact that certain companies and investors are profiting from the crisis is nothing new. What do you see as specific opportunities for private investors”?

Marc Friedrich: “We are in the midst of a historic paradigm shift that heralds a new era and completely reshuffles the cards. In the book, I show different cycles that are now all coming together and triggering the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. This creates a unique investment opportunity for us, which will not occur a second time in our lifetime. Those who set the right course now will profit from it.

Wealth will either be created or destroyed for generations to come. The time window is still open to become active. The central banks and states have pumped even more trillions into the system as a result of the Corona crisis in order to stabilize it. As a result, we have reached new record levels of debt and central bank balance sheets. All this will lead to inflation. To protect his purchasing power, the reader now needs values limited by nature and by mathematics, such as precious metals, stocks, Bitcoin and other tangible assets. I have decisively listed these in the book and also presented the perfect asset protection.”

Sachwert Magazin: “Earlier this year, you predicted a trend change from speculative to growth stocks. How have you adapted your investment strategies and portfolios to the current situation?”

Marc Friedrich: “I reduced and sold tech stocks and entered value stocks counter-cyclically. These were mainly commodity, mining and basic goods stocks. I overweighted mining stocks in precious metals, uranium, industrial metals, etc. Likewise, oil and gas stocks. In parallel, I added to Bitcoin, which was also spot-on. I have also implemented all this for Germany’s first physically deposited real value fund, the “SOLIT Wertefonds”, which I have been managing as an advisor since the end of 2020. My recommendations were also implemented here within the scope of possibilities.”

Sachwert Magazin: “You write that the Corona crisis has made the weaknesses in our system visible and has only accelerated already existing developments. So is the pandemic the proverbial Band-Aid that hurts less when it’s pulled off quickly?”

Marc Friedrich: “Yes! Corona is not the cause of the current crisis, but merely the trigger. The real causes lie much deeper. We are in the midst of a cycle change. Corona has revealed many things and is destroying not only the economy, but also the EU, politics and people’s trust. We see a country and an overstretched EU in its swan song. We see politicians who make historically wrong decisions, who act chaotically and headlessly. All this is often met with pure incompetence and corruption as well as power struggles at all levels in a desperate attempt to stop the course of history. In the last 20 years, all crises have not been solved, but have merely been postponed with gigantic money packages into the future, where they have further accumulated and thus increased. But crises have never been solved by printing money. Now we are in the endgame and have to deal with the pent-up force of the postponed crises.”

Sachwert Magazin: “You write that nothing will ever be the same again. What specific examples can you give?”

Marc Friedrich: “As I mentioned, we are at a turning point. As bitter as it may be for many – we will no longer wake up in the old, familiar world and return to our old lives. Everything will change forever:

  • how we work
  • how we get around in the future
  • how and what we buy
  • how we manage, travel, think, live, pay, invest
  • how and what we produce

Such points in history are the foundation and the opportunity for sustainable change that humanity would never voluntarily initiate out of convenience and fear. However, we must be careful that this crisis is not used by the wrong protagonists to restrict our freedoms and finally push through long-cherished plans in the shadow of the crisis, which has unfortunately already happened in part, e.g. EU debt and transfer union.”

Sachwert Magazin: “What steps would you advise private investors to take now?”

Marc Friedrich: “Become active! The age of real assets has begun and inflation is coming! For this reason I would sell paper values such as life insurances (Riester and Rürup), take money from the account, and shift or transfer it to value stores. One must put limited values into the depot as a kind of life insurance for its purchasing power and its prosperity. Here I favor above all Bitcoin, Ethereum, mine shares, precious metals and other tangible assets. Depending on your wealth, you can also add diamonds, whisky, watches and other tangible assets.”

The content of this article was translated from the German original: loaded 11.11.2021

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