Added BTCPayServer to Online Store

Schmitt Trading Ltd offers solutions and integrated an online store on its website.

The payment methods have been significantly increased by integrating a BTCPayServer.

We are offering the following services:

service phone call video call 15 minutes

service phone call video call 30 minutes

service phone call video call 60 minutes

In these consultations we inform you about the possibilities of establishing a company in Bulgaria.

For traders or investors we also offer the possibility to get information about automated trading systems with these consultations.

These consultations can be conducted in English, French, German or Spanish.

Published by Schmitt Trading Ltd

Schmitt Trading Ltd is an international software company and develops trading robots. We want to share with you how we live our dream to become financially independent. Join us at our thrilling day-to-day adventure trip to freedom. Follow us for more information. Subscribe to our latest blog posts.

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