Introduction of EURUSDCCH4

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We invented several trading robots and fully-automatic trading systems to achieve a monthly passive income.
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The EURUSDCCH4 robot trades in the H4 chart of the EURUSD chart.

Expert advisor: EURUSDCCH4_EA

Symbol: EURUSD

Period: H4

Testing period: 01.01.2019 – 30.10.2021

Initial deposit: 2000.00

Total Net Profit: 1766.20

Balance drawdown maximal: 130.90 (6.55 %)

Yield curve EURUSDCCH4

Estimated yearly return EURUSDCCH4:

Initial deposit: 2000.00

Total Net Profit: 623.36

Yearly return: 31.17 %

Published by Schmitt Trading Ltd

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