New Robot System launched

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…” from The pointer sisters describes exactly how I feel today.

Our new robot system launched tonight.

Do not miss the chance to watch the trading performance live on our website.

The Stock Market Robot System 7.06 includes seven trading robots (Expert Advisor), which buy and sell on behalf of the customer:

0.1 Schmitti4 with 1 point = 1 €

0.1 EURUSDCCH4 with 1 point = 1 €

0.1 EURUSDCCH1 with 1 point = 1 €

0.1 GBPUSDCCH1 with 1 point = 1 €

1 DOWCCH1 with 1 point = 1 €

0.1 USDJPYCCH1 with 1 point = 1 €

0.1 NZDJPYCCH1 with 1 point = 1


  • Highest yield, e.g. DOWCCH1
  • Lowest drawdown, e.g. EURUSDCCH4
  • Highest safety: all robots with Friday Close

Schmitt Trading Ltd rents such trading robots to investors who want to achieve a high yield with a passive investment.

Testing period: 01.01.2020 – 31.10.2021

Initial deposit: 14 000

Total Net Profit: 18 310

Balance drawdown maximal: 1 874 (13.39 %)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Diagram_stock_market_robot_system_7_06_en-1024x573.jpg
Yield curve Stock Market Robot System 7.06

Estimated yearly return SMRS 7.06:

Initial deposit: 14 000

Total Net Profit: 9 987

Yearly return: 71.33 %

Our Stock Market Robot System is a limited rental offer which can only be ordered from Schmitt Trading Ltd. The offer consists of a server slot, the trading software and the trading robots.

The minimum investment amount is 14 000 €. The rent is 350 € per month.

This offer is aimed at people who manage their finances themselves and successfully generate considerable sums.

Published by Schmitt Trading Ltd

Schmitt Trading Ltd is an international software company and develops trading robots. We want to share with you how we live our dream to become financially independent. Join us at our thrilling day-to-day adventure trip to freedom. Follow us for more information. Subscribe to our latest blog posts.

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