The Best of both Worlds

I have been blogging on my German channel radiofan79 since September 2015.

During this process, I have mostly used radiofan79 as an Internet archive.

Parallel to this private blog I have built my company website Schmitt Trading Ltd.

In spring 2021, I started bringing the content together on one website.

Different pros and cons about or had to be considered.

The main advantage of is the community, which likes to like, comment or reblog posts of other bloggers. German-speaking bloggers probably do that rather rarely according to this report….

Since I want to share content in both German and English, I had to learn how to create a multilingual WordPress site.

In doing so, I found that creating pages correctly is important to get fixed permalinks.

When I started building my personal blog radiofan79 in the summer of 2015, I simply registered a free site with and got started.

I wasn’t looking to scatter my content around the world, nor was I looking for followers or actively participating in the community.

All the articles I found in various online portals and that I considered important, I saved to this internet archive.

The reason for this was that too often I had saved interesting articles from the Internet via the bookmark function of my browser, but could not find them again later, because e.g. the server was completely restructured or the article was simply deleted.

All posts contain the link to the original article and the information when I copied the content into my archive.

In addition to the blog posts, I have built several permanent pages where I store information on various topics.

My approach is usually to copy the Wikipedia article on a particular topic and add a reference to the origin via the “cite article” function.

I may then add more information to the page or update it.

Via various posts by other bloggers, I have learned that is the “real”

Millions of websites are developed and run with this software.

All files reside on their own (or hosted) server.

The website owner has full control at all times.

That’s why I set up my own instance on my server Schmitt Trading Ltd.

There I copied all the content I had stored on the internet until now.

The website also serves as a backup solution for my two sites radiofan79 and


The accounts radiofan79 and will remain and will be used for interaction with other bloggers.

The blog posts of both accounts will be copied once a month to my main site Schmitt Trading Ltd.

There you will find all posts, pages etc. via simple search or a general Google search with the extension “”, e.g.

Published by Schmitt Trading Ltd

Schmitt Trading Ltd is an international software company and develops trading robots. We want to share with you how we live our dream to become financially independent. Join us at our thrilling day-to-day adventure trip to freedom. Follow us for more information. Subscribe to our latest blog posts.

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