Move your home office to the beach

Remote working has become the norm in the last year, and many people have found they are quite fond of this way of life. After all, you have more time to spend with your family and friends, and your wallet is likely feeling fuller without all those expensive coffees!

But what if you took working from home one step further? Freelancers have been travelling and working for years, but tourist visas can often make it difficult to settle in one place for long.

Many countries are now offering ‘digital freelance visas’ that don’t just apply to freelancers but remote workers too. So, if your UK employer approves it, you could swap the grey skies for blue ones, without changing jobs. Here are a few countries that offer this type of visa and where you should look for property…


Portugal is well known for having attractive visa schemes and its digital freelance visa is no exception. Officially known as the D7 Passive Income visa, it initially allows remote workers and freelancers to enjoy Portugal for a year, but you can stay for as long as five years subject to renewal.

Four-bedroom detached villa in Lourinhã, Lisbon

After five years, you can apply for a residence permit to live in Portugal long-term. You will have to pass a Portuguese language exam though, so best get revising!

Unlike the Golden Visa, you do not need to invest a large sum of money into the country, so it is a fantastic option for property buyers with a smaller budget looking to live in Portugal long-term.

To apply, you just need to be earning at least €600 a month with a company based outside of Portugal (or equivalent pension) or be a freelancer with foreign clients.

Portugal is a popular destination for this digital style of working; so much so, the world’s first ‘digital nomad village’ opened in Madeira last month! On the mainland, Lisbon and Porto are fast-becoming tech-hubs and digital-hotspots, with plenty of trendy cafes and coworking spaces scattered throughout the cities.

Antigua & Barbuda

At the end of 2020, Antigua & Barbuda announced a Nomad Digital Residence visa for remote workers and freelancers.

Four-bedroom villa with ocean views in English Harbour Town

This superb visa allows you and any dependents to live and work on this beautiful island for 2 years. To be eligible, you just need to prove that you are self-employed or work for a company based outside of the island, that you earn at least $50,000 a year and that you can support yourself and any dependents.

It would certainly beat working from home in the UK, and with 365 beaches, you could enjoy a different one every day of the year!

Looking at the practical side of things, the cost of living on the island is generally about 20% lower than in Europe. If you’re planning on bringing your children, they can receive an education, however, it will have to be private. You can also receive healthcare, but again, you will need to pay for it.

Some property hotspots on the island are Jolly Harbour and English Harbour.


Three-bedroom townhouse on Golf Club in Rockley, Christchurch Barbados

Another Caribbean island that is opening its arms to remote workers is Barbados. With the “Barbados Welcome Stamp” you and your family can live and work remotely on the island for a year. And, if you can’t bear to leave after 12 months, you can easily reapply for the visa.

Your way of life will definitely be interesting on this tropical island. Your ‘office’ may become a reggae bar and you might start to swap the coffee for rum – just don’t tell your boss!

With 92 kilometres of white sand beaches, you really will be living in paradise.

The South Coast is one of the most sought-after areas on the island. It is far more affordable than the West Coast, where you’ll find celebrities and millionaires! Some popular neighbourhoods in the south include Rockley, Rendezvous, Worthing and Dover. Moving to the east, properties become even more affordable but are further from some of the main attractions on the island. Consider Bottom Bay, Ocean City and Long Bay.

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