A dummy’s guide to preparing and filing a simple tax return!

About the Irish tax declaration…

Financial Independence Ireland

This is a basic overview of my approach to preparing and filing my tax return. I have broken the process down into simple, methodical steps. While I am doing this in Ireland, I believe the general approach may be relevant also to other jurisdictions. I want to demystify the process of filing a tax return for anyone who, like me, may have hesitated in taking this on themselves!

Background – Why?

I have a requirement to file a tax return because I have a rental property which generates income. Last year I decided to begin filing my tax own returns. I had previously been paying a tax accountant to do this for me (cost: € 307). I decided to take this on myself after receiving in August last year a final demand for payment of overdue taxes for 2017 of € 800 from our revenue service! I promptly raised the…

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